Vote Labour today


LABOUR supporters are being urged to get out and give their backing to the party in today’s General Election.

Here in Grangemouth Labour’s Michael Connarty is fighting to retain his seat as the area’s MP. If you believe in Labour values, please give him your support today.

Polls opened at 7 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. An election result is expected around 4 a.m. tomorrow (Friday, May 7).

Today, in message to party supporters, Gordon Brown said: “During this campaign, you have knocked on millions of doors, delivered tens of millions of leaflets, donated hundreds of thousands of pounds and spread our message far and wide online.

“And now with every poll telling us that there are still more undecided voters than ever before – you can still make a difference, by speaking to these people today. 

  • Tell them about our proud record – that we are fighting to protect.
  • Tell them about the Tory risk – that we are fighting to prevent.
  • And tell them about our plans for the future – that we are fighting to deliver.

“With all my resolve I pledge that I will always fight for the people of this country – I will secure the recovery, never put their livelihood at risk, and always always always fight for their future.”

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