Our Party Election Broadcast

votemichaellogo LABOUR has unveiled its Party Election Broadcast for the poll on May 6. It stars actor Sean Pertwee and features a voice-over by former Doctor Who David Tennant.

Campaign co-ordinator Douglas Alexander said: “During this election people are asking themselves the big questions – who can I trust to do the right thing for my family and how are we going to keep the economy recovering.

“Throughout the tough times, Labour have been clear – support the economy during the downturn, securing the recovery and start the work of creating the future jobs and industries that Britain needs in years to come.

“Watch our Party Election Broadcast and share it with your friends.

“At this election, our country is at a crossroads. We can stay on the path we’ve set, securing the recovery and embracing the new opportunities open to Britain, or we can throw it all away by setting off down the Conservatives’ dangerous, untried road that risks a double-dip recession.

”During tough times, the British people have shown real resolve – taking the tough decisions and doing what needs to be done.
We’re getting through. Now is not the time for Britain to turn off the road to recovery.”

Give your support to Labour by voting for our candidate, Michael Connarty, on May 6.


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