It’s the fighters who change the world . . .

LABOUR’S Scottish Secretary, Jim Murphy MP, talks about the Queen’s Speech – and a new video which reminds people of Labour’s legacy.

He says: “Last week’s vote in Glasgow shows that Labour teamwork wins elections. When we stand up for our values, people choose Labour.

“For most of the last 100 years Labour has been without power.
But our party has always stood up for what we believe in – even against the odds. We’ve made a video about it which will be shown on TV tonight. (Click the video above to see it above).

“Even in tough times, Labour stands for Scotland. We truly are Scotland’s party: founded by Keir Hardie and proud now to have a Prime Minister from Scotland.

”Today’s Queen’s Speech sets out what the Labour government will do before the general election. We will take real action on jobs, child poverty, on green energy, on curbing bankers’ bonuses – and on banning the horror of cluster bombs.

“Yes the next few months will be difficult. The Tories and SNP will oppose our plans. The Lib Dems didn’t even want to have a Queen’s Speech. But we will stand for what we believe in.

”So I urge you – watch this video now and be proud of Labour’s past. And let’s get ready for Labour’s future by fighting for every vote in every seat across the country.

PS – You can find out more about the Queen’s Speech here.


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