SNP ‘wasting time and money’ on referendum

SCOTTISH Labour leader Iain Gray has attacked the SNP Scottish Government for “not doing enough” to stimulate economic recovery. 

Mr Gray said: "Alex Salmond and John Swinney froze in the headlights at the height of the banking crisis while the UK government stepped in to save Scottish banks and stimulate the overall economy.

"Labour at Holyrood came forward with a 15 point plan while the SNP did nothing. I am relieved that finally John Swinney has followed most of our plan.

"But the SNP still do not get it. Alex Salmond and John Swinney are more intent on wasting time and money on a referendum nobody wants and a National Conversation no one is listening to. They are more interested in pursuing the narrow interests of the SNP than those of ordinary Scots concerned about jobs and the economy."


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