FM under fire over Council Tax

SNP First Minister Alex Salmond has come under fire for for not paying council tax.

Labour leader Iain Gray said: "Three years ago, Alex Salmond said that if he was First Minister, he would pay council tax on his First Ministerial residence. Alex Salmond is now First Minister – but he’s not paying the Council Tax on Bute House.

"I know Alex Salmond told voters he would abolish council tax. Is he doing it one person at a time – starting with himself? The rest of Scotland is facing up to the realities of the recession. Tightening their belts. Paying their way.

"How does the First Minister think they feel when they read he has dodged his personal council tax promise? The newspapers call this hypocrisy. But isn’t it just contempt for the Scots who are worrying about their jobs, their pay and their mortgages."


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