Brown: Standing up for families

LABOUR Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the country faces its biggest choice for a generation – “a choice between a change that benefits people like you – or a change that benefits the privileged few”.

Speaking after his keynote speech to the party conference in Brighton, Mr Brown said: “I am determined to stand up for the mainstream majority of families in Britain – to stand up for those British values of fairness and responsibility for all.

“Today I believe we have shown that we are the party of ambitious change for the many:

“- Change for a new society with new measures to tackle anti-social behaviour and ensure our public services meet new challenges – expanding free childcare for two year olds, a new offer on social care for older people, and additional funding to local authorities to help keep people in their homes.

“- Change for a new economy with tough new rules for bankers and investing for growth, with a new legal obligation for fiscal responsibility.

“- And change for a new politics so we ensure that MPs guilty of gross financial misconduct are recalled and we modernise our democracy with a new voting system.

“In the coming weeks, don’t just listen to what our opponents say – demand to know what they would do. Because if you’re a family that’s feeling the pinch – don’t take it from me – just ask them the question. If you care about me, why is your first priority to give a £200,000 pound tax cut to each of the 3,000 wealthiest estates?

“I am confident we are on the side of the British people on the fundamental choices our country faces in the years ahead.”

Watch Gordon’s speech by clicking the YouTube video above.


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