Action on dangerous dogs

GRANGEMOUTH’S Labour MP Michael Connarty is today(July 1) co-sponsoring a bill in Parliament to protect workers from dangerous dogs.

He hopes the move will help protect postmen and women, telephone engineers, meter readers, district nurses, utility workers and home care workers, amongst others, who run the risk of being attacked by dogs as when they visit people’s homes.

Around 6,000 postal workers are attacked by dogs every year with 70 per cent attacked on private property, where the Dangerous Dogs Act doesn’t apply. This means owners are not prosecuted. In turn, injured workers like postmen and women cannot be awarded compensation under Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act.

Michael said: “This Bill comes to Parliament today to extend the protection for ordinary workers going about their job free from the fear of being attacked. The vast majority of dog owners are responsible people – but it is dangerous dogs that need to be brought under control.”

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