Return of the Neo-Cons

On the 15th May a Bill will be debated in Parliament put forward by Conservative backbenchers that would enable employers to ‘opt-out’ of the Minimum Wage brought in by the Labour government ten years ago.

Although employees would also have to ‘opt-out’ the system would be wide open to abuse by unscrupulous employers, for instance an Employment Agency could write a Minimum Wage Opt-Out into any contract potential staff would have to sign.

The Conservative MPs supporting this Bill are listed below. Unbelievably they tried to claim it was against peoples ‘Human Right to work’ to have a Minimum Wage. This from a party that wants to scrap the Human Rights Act!

Show the Tories you don’t support their ridiculous, dangerous and immoral position by emailing them via to let them know what you think.

When the Minimum Wage was brought in, then leader and now Shadow Foreign Secretary and  Deputy Leader William Hague called it ‘the height of reckless irresponsibility’.

The fact they’d support this Bill in the middle of a recession shows that no matter how hard Cameron pretends to try, he cannot change the DNA of his own party.

Tory MPs supporting the Bill, due for its second reading on May 15th:

Mr. Christopher Chope, Mr. Peter Bone, Philip Davies, Mr. Nigel Evans, Mr. Greg Knight, Mr. Edward Leigh, Mr. Ian Liddell-Grainger, Mr. Brian Binley, Mr. William Cash, Mr. Robert Syms and Mr. David Wilshire.

Show the Tories where to go!

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