Calls for Hyslop to go, as SNP’s latest gaffe is uncovered

The number of teachers in Scotland has fallen by almost a thousand in the past year, according to Scottish Government figures.
In just one year the SNP have halved the progress Labour made in eight years of devolution.

Commenting on the news, Grangemouth Councillor Alistair McNeill said:

“As a Grandparent of a student in the Scottish education system, these stats are extremely concerning. First of all we have the SNP breaking promises on class sizes and school building projects, and now we see that teacher numbers are falling like their credibility as a government”
Rhona Brankin, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education, has accused Fiona Hyslop of failing Scotland’s schools.
“It is disgraceful that in the past twelve months, under Fiona Hyslop’s watch, Scotland’s schools have been haemorrhaging teachers.
“When Labour was in power, we prioritised education and put 2,000 more teachers in classrooms, but the SNP have wiped out half this progress in only one year.
“Students training to become teachers will be worrying today if they will ever have a job to go to when they finish their courses.
“The bell has rung and time is up for the Minister who has mishandled the education portfolio. Ms Hyslop has failed to deliver the promises made to teachers, parents and pupils to maintain teacher numbers and cut class sizes and she must go now.”

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