Labour hit out at Hepburn comments

Tonight Grangemouth Labour hit back at SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn, for his false and misleading comments on the Scottish Budget. The Cumbernauld MSP, who ‘represents’ Central Scotland accused Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens of “Playing Party Politics”. The SNP who are advocating further cuts in services, which last year saw the widespread implementation of charges which would have been rejected by a Labour Government.

A Grangemouth Labour spokesperson said:

“I think that Jamie Hepburn has his priorities crossed , the people of Grangemouth want to see more investment in public services thus stimulating the local and national economy. We would also like to see a real investment in our future by focusing on jobs, enterprise and apprenticeships, this budget fails to recognise this”

“What Labour would like to see is 8000 new apprenticeships , a partnership agreement against continuing unemployment and a Town Centre Turnaround Fund, these are real steps to take local action against a global problem”

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