Barack: Time for Change … and a dance

LABOUR activists across Britain have been celebrating Barack Obama’s inauguration today as the 44th President of the United States. “I’m a lefty. Get used to it,” he said – as the Democrat signed his first presidential documents.

Labour’s General Secretary, Ray Collins, said: “Today is an historic day for the United States of America – the inauguration of Barack Obama. It is another step in a movement of progressive change, both here as in America.

“A movement like this is only ever possible with the support of the many over the interests of the few. For instance, you may have heard that most of Obama’s donors were ordinary people giving whatever they could afford as early as possible – helping increase the impact of their donations.

“By giving whatever you can afford right now you will immediately help us in this year’s elections.”

He added: “In America, almost 70 million ordinary people have been inspired by a belief – a belief at the core of the Labour Party – that we should try to be the change that we want to see in the world. In Britain more and more people are joining us and you can see why.”

David from London said: “I feel inspired by what the Americans and Barack Obama have done and I strongly believe I can make a difference but realise I can only do so by actually getting involved.”

Rose from Glasgow wrote: T”here’s more to democracy than just voting! Deeply inspired by the renewed enthusiasm for politics in America to get out and help fight for a political vision I believe in.”

We were going to post Obama’s speech. But also thought we’d show how he can get down with the kids. Cue Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres. Click the video above.

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