Iain Gray declares “double whammy” for SNP

Not only did Labour win the Ballochmyle by-election in East Ayrshire – a council run by the SNP, but last night, a senior SNP councillor from Glasgow Colin Deans defected to Labour after accusing his former group of bullying and harassment. Iain Gray MSP said:

“Coming after Glenrothes, this double whammy is a devastating blow for the SNP. They have made bad decisions across Scotland, and even their own councillors are fed up.

“The SNP do not treat local government with the seriousness it deserves. They are refusing to give councils enough money to run world-class schools and social services, whilst at the same time telling us that everything is rosy. This shows the incompetence of the SNP in power.

“The fact that Labour’s newest councillor, Colin Deans, has left the SNP because of bullying and harassment says everything we need to know about their style of political management. The best leadership for Scotland is real, collective leadership where different views are listened to and considered. That’s something of which the First Minister is permanently and utterly incapable. I very much welcome our new councillors David Shaw and Colin Deans and know they will all do a great job for the people in their area.”

Jim Murphy MP added:

“This is a huge embarrassment for the SNP and Alex Salmond, and two great victories for Labour. The reality is the people of Scotland are now seeing through the SNP bluster and are coming back to Labour. The SNP said they wanted Scotland to be more like Iceland and voters are saying “no we don’t”. Most Scots know we are stronger as part of the UK and don’t want to break up Britain.”

Speaking in the Evening Times, Colin Deans said:

“I would not have been able to make a deal with the old Labour party but I have been impressed with the common sense of the Labour administration. They are trying to do their best for the people of Glasgow and when I was elected I always wanted to do the best for my constituency. I am a free thinker but I suffered bullying and harassment from the membership of the SNP group.”

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