Supporting the Economy

Labour’s PM Gordon Brown has outlined the responsible course of action the Government will take to support the British economy during the current global economic slowdown.  Speaking to business leaders and academics today at Imperial College London the Prime Minister said:

“We have seen in the last 10 years the benefits of globalisation which are cheaper consumer goods coming out of China and Asia. We have seen the benefits in low interest rates and we have had low interest rates for a long period of time over these last 10 years, but we are now seeing the difficulties that have got to be overcome on resources, on restructuring, on reform of the financial system if we are actually going to have a successful global economy that works for everyone and not just for a few.  

“But if we are able to solve these problems – and this is my first message this morning – if we are able to solve these problems then I believe the prospects for Britain and for countries that have got dynamism and talent and are able to produce the new products and the new goods and services that the world wants, the prospects are very good indeed.”

“The long term decisions that require investment that have to be made are being made and will be upheld because that is the only way that we can benefit from the new global age.”  

“But the responsible course at the moment is to use the investments that are necessary and to continue them as well as to help people through difficult times and I think that is a very fundamental part of what we are doing.”


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