Watchdog questions grant to Islamic group with SNP links

THE Scottish Government’s decision to award more than £400,000 to an Islamic group run by an SNP activist was last night branded “unusual” by a senior figure in the body which oversees voluntary groups.
Stephen Maxwell, who is himself even an SNP activist, had to question Salmond’s decision to award the Scottish Islamic Foundation more than £400,000 in funding. This has lead opposition parties looking for an independent investigation into the grant.
The newly-formed SIF is currently being run by Osama Saeed, the SNP’s parliamentary candidate for the Glasgow Central constituency. The organisation’s board also includes SNP activists and members of Saeed’s family. Documents creating the group as a company were signed in the SNP’s headquarters in Glasgow.
This is only the latest of allegations of sleaze being directed at the First Minister who’s links with Nat supporter and funder Brian Souter have been questioned, following a dubious decision to reduce regualtion of the bus industry.

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