Labour crack down on rogue employers

Labour has announced a new drive to crack down on rogue employers who abuse vulnerable workers and undercut honest businesses.

The crack down will be overseen by a new Fair Employment Enforcement Board which will co-ordinate the work of the agencies covering minimum wage, health and safety, employment agencies and gangmasters.  By using a single telephone helpline number for vulnerable workers to report abuses the agencies will be able to better share the vital information necessary to catch rogue employers – and a £6 million information campaign will raise awareness of employment rights and how to enforce them

Labour’s Employment Relations Minister Pat McFadden said:

“Compared to a decade ago there are three million more people in work in Britain and they all enjoy more employment rights than they would have in the past. Important minimum standards on wages, paid leave, maternity leave and conditions have been put in place.

“We want to prevent unscrupulous employers who undercut honest competition and prey on people who are fearful or so desperate to earn a living that they are open to exploitation.

“It is vital we boost awareness of employment rights and ensure those rights are properly enforced. There should be no hiding place for employers who exploit vulnerable workers and who are not prepared to obey the law.

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