PM pays tribute to dedicated MP

It is with sad regret that Glenrothes MP John McDougall has passed away after a long battle with cancer. John had been the MP for Central Fife from 2001 and then the new constituency of Glenrothes from 2005. John was the MP for Glenrothes and was widely liked in his constituency. He spent his life working for the people of Fife, as a trade union official, councillor and as the council leader.

Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister and a personal friend of many years, said:

“John MacDougall gave more than thirty years of distinguished public service to Fife – as  a councillor, leader of the Fife council, convenor of Fife council and then Member of Parliament for Central Fife and he will be remembered as a true servant of the people.

“A very popular, diligent local Member of Parliament, he served Fife with great distinction in all the roles he played.

“In Fife he pioneered free travel for the elderly, led Scotland and Britain with nursery education for three and four year olds; was successful in pressing for new jobs and investment to replace thousands of jobs lost in mining and at Rosyth naval base, and was well known for his support for all local causes. Over three decades he has been a good personal friend of mine”

Everyone involved with Grangemouth Labour would like to send their condolences to John’s wife and family.


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