Labour challenge SNP on oil blunder.

Scottish Labour today challenged the SNP after an independent report showed they have got their sums wrong on oil money.

The CPPR report yesterday showed that the SNP could not fund both their proposed oil fund and day-to-day expenditure on public services.

Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald said:

“This report makes clear that the SNP cannot use the money to bridge the fiscal gap and set up a Scottish oil fund. Before Alex Salmond can ask the Scottish people about independence, he has to be honest about what the government would use North Sea tax revenue for”.

Scottish Labour have also criticised an official Scottish Government spokesperson over inaccurate claims on the state of Scotland’s finances. A spokesperson is quoted in today’s press as saying that this year

“Scotland will have a budget surplus of at least £4 billion to £5 billion”.

Lewis Macdonald continued:

“The recent GERS report, welcomed by the SNP for the first time, shows that even using the maximum possible figure for oil revenues, Scotland’s fiscal deficit stands at £2.7bn.

“In order to make the SNP figures add, they don’t count expenditure on capital projects. Once again, the SNP are making figures up to suit their own political agenda.

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