Labour local government spokesman Andy Kerr dubbed today as wobbly Wednesday for Alex Salmond’s SNP as more criticism was made of the proposed Scottish Futures Trust.

The recurring problems with the SNP’s key public finance policy were magnified in Parliament as the SNP tried to bluster through a ministerial statement.

Mr Kerr said:

“It’s been a very bad day for the SNP today. Education chiefs say they’re over £300m short on reducing class sizes, a senior academic says that their flagship tax policy might actually not be legal and finally the greatly maligned Scottish Futures Trust is openly seen for what it is – a shambles.

“John Swinney tried to pull the wool over MSPs eyes this afternoon but he can’t get over the fact that his policy does not resemble his manifesto pledge.

“In fact, there was so much wool pulling he could have opened his own knitwear factory.

“The Cabinet Secretary said in August 2006 in an SNP policy document that the new Forth crossing would be supported by a bond issue, on Newsnight last Tuesday the Cabinet Secretary said that it would supported by a bond issue, but both today and yesterday to the finance committee he said that it would not be prudent to reveal how the crossing would be funded.

“It appears that by any measure that the wheels are falling off this policy. The problem is that it will be pupils, commuters and tax-payers in Scotland that will pay for these grave SNP errors.”

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