Unemployment falls in Falkirk

According to recently released statistics, shows that the Unemployment rate in Falkirk is at record low levels. As the UK continues to experience low unemployment Falkirk is even below the UK average unemployment rate, the UK unemployment rate is at 2.2% while in Falkirk it is slightly below at 2.1%.

Since 1997 the UK Labour government have continued to provide a strong and stable economy, which has provided jobs and employment for communities across the UK, this is in sharp contrast with the Conservatives’ economic record where inflation and interest rates rocketed and unemployment hit 3 million. Having a strong economy and low interest rates have benefited working families in Grangemouth and across all communities in the UK.

Grangemouth Labour Councillor Allyson Black said:

“Since we came to power last year we have been putting the effort into reducing unemployment in our communities, the Labour government have a proud track record of creating jobs for working people, which results in strong communities. Labour have also worked hard for working families by making work pay, as tax credits have made work pay for Grangemouth.

“We are now encouraged to see that our Masterplan for the town centre is making real progress, and hopefully we shall soon have more jobs as we continue to attract new investment into Grangemouth”

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