SNP running scared of Independence poll defeat

Despite the SNP promising to deliver a referendum on Scottish Independence, their party bourgeois appear to be running scared of defeat in the poll. Labour leader Wendy Alexander, called for the SNP “To bring it on” for a debate on the question of independence. Speaking to Glen Campbell of the BBC, Wendy vowed to bring the debate to the people of Scotland, which she claims the SNP cannot win.

Since the SNP took power in May 2007, the polls on independence have not shown favourably for independence, a recent Scotsman/ICM poll showed only 1 in 5 Scots support separation and since May 2007 support for the Union has been well ahead of support for breaking the Union.

Grangemouth Councillor Alistair McNeill said:

“The SNP are clearly feeling backed into a corner here, they cannot accept that the overwhelming support is for a strong Scotland in the United Kingdom. By backing down from a poll on independence they are even backing away from their raison d’etre. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon must accept that the concensus is with the Union”



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