Alexander Slams SNP Schools Delivery

Yesterday, on the day the exams started across Scotland, Wendy Alexander accused the SNP of caring more about their own poll ratings than they do about Scottish schools.

The Labour leader challenged the Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon to explain why this government had failed to fund a single one of their five promises on education in their election manifesto.

The SNP government made five key education pledges last May:

  • £210 million to reduce class sizes
  • £30 million for additional support needs
  • £46 million for sports facilities.
  • Access to a nursery teacher for every nursery child
  • And their promise to match Labour’s school building programme brick for brick.

Not one has been kept.

We know the SNP is good at making promises but the problem is always in the delivery. There is no dedicated money for class sizes, no extra money for support needs, no cash for new nursery teachers and not a single SNP school brick laid. Education remains the number one priority of Scottish Labour, and we are not prepared to sit back and let the SNP prioritise poll ratings over the children and parents of Scotland.

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