Local MSP stands up for Grangemouth workers

On Thursday at First Minister’s Questions, local MSP Cathy Peattie raised the issue of support for the workers at the BP/INEOS plant who plan to strike, due to changes in the pension settlements for new workers. At current the Trade Union, Unite, are raising the issue that the management at the plant want to reform the final salary contribution.

As a supplementary Cathy Peattie said:

” Given that the BP/INEOS workforce has always shown great commitment, there hasn’t been a strike at the plant for 70 years. Will the First Minister join with me in supporting the 1200 workers, when despite their reluctance to strike, have voted with an overwhelming majority to take action to safe guard their pensions.

“And in face of a company who has singled out this siteand is aggressively pursuing confrontation. First Minister I have spoken to the Trade Unions in discussion with ACAS this morning, and it is the company who keep refusing to talk. Will the First Minister stand up for Scotland and for the workers of Grangemouth?”

In response ,Alex Salmond refused to give support to the Grangemouth workforce. In typical Alex Salmond style he refused to answer the question, which does nothing to help the concerned workers of Grangemouth. As Alex Salmond and the SNP continue to show contempt for the workers of Scotland, at least Grangemouth will have a local MSP who is dedicated to fighting for their local cause.

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