SNP scrap more apprenticeships

The SNP led Scottish Government, have made this unpopular decision, at a time when Scotland is looking to apprenticeships to help build a strong and sustainable future. Labour has attacked the SNP’s  decision to scrap adult modern apprenticeships except for construction, engineering and life long sciences as “irresponsible and lacking vision”

Labour’s shadow Finance Minister, Iain Gray, said that:

“t is another example of an ill-thought out SNP policy.  Extra apprenticeships in construction and engineering are welcome, but should not be provided at the expense of Scotland’s service industry.
Areas like tourism and hospitality will be hit particularly hard.  Another loser is IT on which key sectors like financial services depend. These are vital sectors in the Scottish economy. You have to question how much forethought Fiona Hyslop, the Minister for Lifelong Learning, put into this.  The SNP talk a good game about the importance of tourism, but everyone in the sector agrees we need to raise the quality of our tourism offer.  How scrapping tourism skills training will do that is beyond me”

Grangemouth Labour, have also found that local skills training businesses and Trade Unions. As the SNP continue to treat Scotland with contempt ,as we get left behind in the global skills race, the Labour government in Westminster have recently announed an increase of 500,000 apprenticeships. This is another example of how the SNP government cannot be trusted to look after the interests of Scottish Industry or Scottish Workers.


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