Town Centre development update

Grangemouth residents may have noticed changes in and around the Town Centre area, for those that are not aware of the situation, this is because Grangemouth Town Centre is to recieve a welcome make over. Over the past few months there has been a great deal of activity within the town centre, this has been down to the planning and building of the town centre.

Recent reports in the local press have suggested that local politicians are firmly blaming ASDA for some problems created in the Town Centre. Grangemouth Labour Councillor Allyson Black says this could not be further from the truth. Cllr Black told that:

“ASDA has been wholeheartedly welcomed by the residents and traders in Grangemouth, but it would have been better if ASDA had been built during the redevelopment of the Town Centre, however, this was out of our hands as we were not in power at the time”

The situation would also be different if Grangemouth Councillors from the SNP and those unaligned were to show more enthusiasm for the project instead of hindering it by requesting more meetings with developers which is just hindering progress.

Councillor Black also believes that Grangemouth Town Centre can only go on to achieve greater success and has also predicted an influx of new traders to the area.

“There are new traders interested in coming to Grangemouth, with a new Butchers opening soon and with public consultation taking place the Labour administration are keen to take the matter on and hopefully the people of Grangemouth will support the amended masterplan”

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