SNP to scrap vital school funding

One of the flagship policies of the previous Scottish Executive, was astonishingly scrapped today in the Scottish Parliament. The “Schools of Ambition” programme was designed to turn around failing schools by generating a genuine passion and interest in a particular subject.

From the initial period 52 schools would recieve an initial £100,000 towards funding the scheme. Schools used the funding for roadshows, visits and presentations carried out  by experts in the chosen field, especially in areas like Science, which had been considered to be a subject which some pupils were losing interest in studying.

This policy has been criticised by politicians across the Scottish political spectrum and by teachers themselves, who are at the frontline of the cuts.

Labour’s shadow Education spokesperson Rhona Brankin stated that:

“The Schools of Ambition programme, introduced by Labour, has been an outstanding success in challenging and inspiring pupils across Scotland.”

Local teaching Unions have also criticised the plans, with one local EIS representative stating that:

“This policy by the Scottish Government is most concerning. It shows their lack of ambition for Scotland’s future. However, it is more concerning that this is the latest of cuts and broken promises by the SNP, and it concerns me that we could be heading back to the problems we had in the 1990s”

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