Wendy: We must put our kids first

Scottish Labour Party leader Wendy Alexander has today, launched a raft of proposals designed to support Scottish families, designed ‘to leave no child behind’

A Positive Start for Every Child’ was launched at The Yard – an adventure playground in Edinburgh, highlighting the need for safe places to play.

The document proposes a number of key measures around developing early years policy for Scotland’s children.Proposals include, supervised play areas for children, guaranteed nursery
places for all vulnerable two-year-olds, a Charter of Support for families with disabled children (guaranteeing respite care) and a telephone support line for every Scottish parent.

Some of the key policy initiatives will be:

  • A plan for Scotland’s playgrounds in conjunction with organisations such as the Forestry Commission and Play organisations, to create and open up more green space to give children safe and exciting places to play. Also to provide safe, supervised play areas in communities across Scotland.
  • Nursery places for the most vulnerable two-year-olds to give them a head start. Ensuring that no child gets left behind.
  • Joint working between nurseries and primary schools to ease the transition. This will ensure that children’s progress is not stunted as they move through their school career.
  • A renewed focus on basic skills such as communication and social skills to provide the building blocks to assist every child to get the best start in their education. Ensuring that no child gets left behind.
  • A Charter of Support for families with disabled children including
    respite care and funding for short breaks. Ensuring that disabled children
    get the support they need.
  • More parental support advisors to help parents do the best job
    possible. Also telephone support for every parent in Scotland. Ensuring
    that all parents can get the support and advice they need when they need
  • A network of family learning centres providing childcare, parenting
    skills and back-to-work training for parents.
  • Action on obesity and the emotional health and wellbeing of
    Scotland’s children. Ensuring that nurseries and schools are promoting
    effective nutrition and activity starting in the early years. Working with
    parents as well as children.

Speaking at the launch the Paisley MSP said:

“We all want the very best for our children. Scotland’s future as a
prosperous country depends on giving our youngest citizens the best
possible start in life. That is why Scottish Labour intends putting the
needs of families, children and young people at the centre of our policy


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