Pensioners left out in the cold by SNP

The average waiting time for pensioners to get central heating systems has more than doubled over the past 9 months, with a exponential increase in numbers waiting more than 3 months.

In March 2007, in the FK postcode area, there were 123 households waiting for central heating installation, with only 18 waiting longer than 3 months. Now there are 537 waiting and 272 (51%) have been waiting for more than 3 months. The previous Labour administration, who introduced the policy of free central heating installation, have reacted with anger and disappointment.

Grangemouth MSP Cathy Peattie said:

“Last winter we reduced the waiting time, but now it is rocketing. The failure to maintain the programme is unacceptable. The Scottish Government are letting down pensioners with their mishandling of the free central heating scheme”

“The SNP told pensioners in Scotland that the scheme would improve. The reality is that under this government things are becoming worse. Thousands will spend February freezing because of their failure”

“At the end of December just over 8,000 installations had been completed-well behind schedule for the promised 15,000 by the end of March. Pensioners want action not more broken promises”

This is the latest of broken promises from the Tartan Tories, already they have let down students, hard-working families and communities in general.

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