Labour: Delivering for Grangemouth

Labour-led Falkirk Council last night announced their budget for the 2008/09 term. This budget has the main priorities of the people of Grangemouth at the core. The budget takes into consideration important issues such as tackling Anti-Social behaviour, investing in Education and promoting good health and well being.

Falkirk will also continue to be one of the lowest areas for Council Tax rates in Scotland, where we sit 5th in the entire country. In Falkirk a Band D property will be well below the Scottish average of £1149, sitting at £1070. 

Council leader, Cllr Linda Gow stated that “Our budget reflects the main priorities for this Council and those who need our services most will undoubtedly benefit from the proposals being put forward”

The budget prioritised tackling Anti-Social behaviour by retaining the Community Warden service and allocating extra spending for the police service. The budget allocates £150,000 of funding to youth initiatives, which will tackle Anti-Social Behaviour at the core by providing facilities for young people. Pilot schemes will be unveiled at Braes and Larbert High Schools, where the facilities will be open until 10pm giving all members of our society something to do. This also takes into consideration the disadvantaged in our community who do not have local access to leisure facilities.

The budget is also good news for Social Work and Education departments. The Budget highlighted a vast increase in spending in both departments where increases in spending were both well over 10%. This means there will be a significant work carried out at Westquarter, Hallglen and Larbert Village Primary Schools.

The successful bid for the HELIX project was reflected in expenditure in the coming 3 years with Falkirk Council allocating a proportion of the project cost over the next three years.

Grangemouth will benefit with an increased level of direct investment from the council with an extra £122,000 being spent this year and in consecutive years to come. These are exciting times for Grangemouth, with the regeneration of our town centre and a new school being built, it goes to show that Labour are delivering for Grangemouth and for all communities across Falkirk Council.

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