Labour slams Nationalist’s ‘poverty of ideas’

Scottish Labour MSP Margaret Curran has slammed the SNP goverment for their lack of action over the poverty agenda.  Speaking during a debate in the Scottish Parliament the Government have been accused of neglecting the issue of poverty in Scotland and simply ‘window dressing’ the problem.

SNP’s spending plans show a reduced commitment to anti-poverty programmes. They will reduce housing and regeneration spending by 1.6% in real terms over SR2007 compared with SR2004. Furthermore, the SNP will also cut spending on concessionary fares, and bus services in Scotland, by £17m and £7m respectively.

The Glasgow Baillieston MSP added that:

“The SNP have nothing to say about how to tackle poverty, indeed, while their manifesto talks of housing and regeneration spending being key to helping the poor, the SNP action in government is cut by 1.6% in real terms these budgets. For ten years labour took tough action to fight poverty in co-operation with the UK government, by improving skills, providing support to assist low-income families to re-enter the workplace, and improving benefits. By targeting resources on poor households directly, and on services where poor households have higher needs.”

This shows another clear breach of the SNP’s election manifesto and goes to show that the Tartan Tories have clearly abandoned Scotland’s poor.

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