MP speaks out over high mobile phone charges

michaelconnarty.jpgGRANGEMOUTH MP Michael Connarty says overseas mobile phone charges must be regulated. Charges can range from 55p to £1.20 A MINUTE for UK users taking their mobiles abroad.

Mr Connarty, who chairs the EU Parliament Committee in Westminster, spoke out following  an investigation by the EU Committee of the UK Parliament into overseas charges.

Mr Connarty said: “The threat of compulsory cuts has brought about sudden ‘special offers’ of reduced charges – but they can only be guaranteed if the EU makes them compulsory”.

He added: “I personally support the EU Consumers Associations calling for a maximum charge of 33 Eurocents which is about 25p per minute. The EU may have to settle for a ceiling of 50p but it will still be half the present standard charge”.

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